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Ace Sets the Pace in the Super Trucks

Chester Ace won the 25 lap feature for the American Ethanol Super Trucks in his second time out at Madison this season.

John Beale and Camden Murphy paced the field of ten trucks to the green flag and raced side by side for the first two laps before Murphy took the lead. One lap later Blake Brown was up to second followed by Chester Ace. Ace made his way past Brown for second and started to hunt down Murphy. On lap 6 he worked his way to the inside of Murphy and the two raced side by side for the lead with Brown right behind.

On lap 9 Murphy drifted up the track coming out of turn two giving the lead to Ace with Brown now inside Murphy fighting for second. By the half way mark of the race Ace had increased his lead to ten truck lengths. Ace was running wide open out front while the rest of the field was thinking yellow in the form of a caution flag.

A great three truck battle between Brown, Murphy, and Kevin Knuese was taking place behind Ace, but none would be able to catch the speedy Ace who picked up the checkered flag. Brown finished in second followed by Knuese, Murphy, and Kurt Kleven.

“We were feeling pretty good. I knew this truck was great tonight,” said Ace. “I figured this was a good truck when we bought it a few weeks ago.”

Fast qualifier was Ace with a lap of 18.641 (96.561 mph).

American Ethanol Super Trucks 6/17/2014

25 Lap Feature:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 3. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 4. Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 5. Kurt Kleven (Utica, WI), 6. Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 7. Tory Bagley (Stoughton, WI), 8. Mike Corvo III (Park Ridge, IL), 9. John Beale (Verona, WI), 10. Cory Skolaski (Evansville, WI),

Qualifying:1. Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 2. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 3. Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 4. Kurt Kleven (Utica, WI), 5. Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 6. John Beale (Verona, WI), 7. Mike Corvo III (Park Ridge, IL), 8. Cory Skolaski (Evansville, WI), 9. Jerry Wood (Madison, WI)- DNS 10. Tory Bagley (Stoughton, WI)- DNS

American Ethanol Super Trucks Points

1. (422)Blake Brown (Franksville, WI), 2. (378)Jerry Wood (Madison, WI), 3. (343)Camden Murphy (Itasca, IL), 4. (318)Mike Corvo III (Park Ridge, IL), 5. (287)Kurt Kleven (R) (Utica, WI), 6. (278)Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 7. (249)Cory Skolaski (R) (Evansville, WI), 8. (213)John Beale (R) (Verona, WI), 9. (208)Chester Ace (Oregon, WI), 10. (187)Tory Bagley (R) (Stoughton, WI), 11. (160)Jacob Van Wazer (Lombard, IL), 12. (147)Joshua James (Saukville, WI), 13. (136)Chris Sevey (Hiawatha, IA), 14. (115)Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 15. (92)Justin Oertel (Lincolnshire, IL), 16. (58)Shawn Lockington (Mindoro, WI),

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