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Marshfield, WI, (September 14, 2014) – After a miserable Friday filled with cold, rain, wind, and whatever else Mother Nature threw at us, it was a beautiful day today for stock car racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway! With the pits full of 6 divisions of racing, the drivers put on an excellent show, on the first day of the Fall Shootout!

In Super Late Model action Saturday, it was Claire Decker turning fast time. Heat winners were Jesse Oudenhoven and Dalton Zehr. In feature action, it was Jesse Oudenhoven leading the first ten laps, Brent Strelka the next ten laps, and then Dalton Zehr led the last 15 laps, getting the win!

1. Dalton Zehr

2. Brent Strelka

3. Kyle Genett

4. Cory Kemkes

5. Jesse Oudenhoven

6. Natalie Decker

7. Claire Decker

8. Dean LaPointe

9. Jeff Weinfurter

10. Jack Greenwood

In Limited Late Model action, it was Brent Strelka setting fast time. Heat winner was Todd Verhagen, with Strelka getting the feature win.

In Super Stock racing action, it was Brian Weinfurter sweeping the field. Bryan Langreck finished second in the feature, with Rachael Kallis coming home in the third position.

Pure Stocks took to the track Saturday, and it was Kyle Genett quickest in qualifying. Dan Weinfurter edged Travis Volm to win the heat. In the Pure Stock feature, it was Travis Volm and Kyle Genett having a great battle for the win. However, in the end, it was Volm putting his #76 machine in victory lane.

1. Travis Volm

2. Kyle Genett

3. Dan Weinfurter

4. Karl Genett

5. Dave Lashua

The Vintage cars made an appearance at Marshfield Motor Speedway, and put on a great show. It was Rex Rossier setting fast time over brother, Royce Rossier. It was status quo in heat and feature action as well, with Rex Rossier edging his brother Royce, in both events.

X-Treme 4’s, an extremely competitive division of racing, once again put on a great show Saturday. Adam Eckes was quickest in qualifying, with Steve Hauser and Derk Hauser winning their respective heats. In Feature action, it was Adam Eckes edging out Steve Hauser for the feature win.

1. Adam Eckes

2. Steve Hauser

3. Michael Heidmann

4. Brandon Herr

5. Justin Mondeik

6. Derk Hauser

7. Brandon Elmer

8. Rick Brandl

9. Kevin Eckes

10. Phil Malouf

11. Tim Anderson

12. Christine Schmude

13. Chuck Dixon

14. Ron Sischo

The AES Trucks took to the track for their 35-lap feature event. John Beale tripped the clock fastest in qualifying with a lap time of 18.862 seconds. Local favorite Danielle Behn captured the heat win. In feature action, it was John Beale capturing the feature win.

On Sunday, the Yellow River Racing Series was back in action. Three drivers were still in contention for the YRRS championship, that being, Claire Decker, Dalton Zehr, and Steve Holzhausen. It was Eugene Gregorich, Jr. setting fast time in his familiar #14 hot rod. Natalie Decker and Dalton Zehr won their respective heats. In the Yellow River Racing Series 100, presented by Earth Inc., it was Natalie Decker setting the early pace. Decker, whom of which is having a great year of racing, would lead the first 6 laps. Kyle Genett would lead the next 5 laps, with Decker pacing the field again, this time for 4 laps. Once Skylar Holzhausen grabbed the lead, he stretched his lead to nearly a half lap over Eugene Gregorich, Jr. and Steve Holzhausen. Dalton Zehr was noticeably closing on Gregorich and Steve Holzhausen. In the closing laps, Zehr and the elder Holzhausen raced side by side for the third spot. But the eventual winner was Skylar Holzhausen. With Eugene Gregorich finishing second, it was Steve Holzhausen edging Zehr for the podium finish. Steve Holzhausen ended up edging Zehr for the Overall YRRS title.

1. Skylar Holzhausen

2. Eugene Gregorich, Jr.

3. Steve Holzhausen

4. Dalton Zehr

5. Claire Decker

6. Jim Sauter, Jr.

7. Kyle Genett

8. Jeff Weinfurter

9. Robby Iverson

10. Sawyer Effertz

11. Jacob Van Wazzer

12. Dean LaPointe

13. Derek Van Dreel

14. Natalie Decker

15. Clint Sillars

16. Jack Greenwood

17. Pete Kempf

The second day the X-Treme 4’s battled, they had a second winner as well. It was Gleason, WI hotshoe, Justin Mondeik grabbing the lead from Phil Malouf on lap 11, and never looking back. Overall Fall Shootout Champion Adam Eckes finished second, with Michael finishing third. Heat winners were Kevin Eckes and Brandon Herr.

1. Justin Mondeik

2. Adam Eckes

3. Michael Heidmann

4. Phil Malouf

5. Rick Brandl

6. Tim Anderson

7.. Isaiah Rowe

8. Chuck Dixon

9. Danielle Behn

10. Christine Schmude

11. Kevin Eckes.

In Pure Stock action, it was Dan Weinfurter getting the win in heat action. Once the drivers took the track for their feature, it appeared Karl Genett would get the win. However, with just a few laps remaining, his transmission failed, handing the win to Travis Volm. Dan Weinfurter finished second, with Jake Capek taking third. Travis Volm was tabbed as the Overall champion.


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