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Oregon, WI (June 19, 2015) - Dale Nottestad (Late Models), Jason Thoma (Sportsman), and Steve Dickson (Bandits) were the big winners tonight at Madison International Speedway. The evening also marked the first round of the Badgerland Challenge Series for the Late Models and Sportsman. Lucas Stephenson also won the first-ever 6 Shooter Division race. It was also a big night for the young fans as over three hundred kids participated in the $1000 coin scramble during intermission. Dale Nottestad Sweeps the Late Model Field at MIS Dale Nottestad won the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Whelen All American Late Models at Madison and picked up a clean sweep in doing so by setting fast time, winning the dash and his heat race. This was also the first leg of the three race Badgerland Challenge Series. Brady Liddle and Bobby Wilberg had the honor of bringing the twenty-six car field to the green flag with Liddle taking the early advantage. Cautions for spins on lap 4 and 5 didn’t seem to slow down Liddle as he kept the point after each restart. By lap 6, Nottestad, who started seventh, was up to second after making his way past Wilberg. Casey Johnson, Jeremy Miller, and Zack Riddle were also up to join the top five. On lap 16, Nottestad found the room he needed to get by Liddle on the inside coming out of turn two. Riddle, Miller, Johnson, and Wilberg were also able to overtake Liddle. Lapped traffic became a challenge on lap 21 with the leaders easily making their way past. However, things got very interesting on lap 26 when Nottestad, Riddle, and Miller were closing on lapped traffic running two abreast. Just as the leaders were coming out of turn three, a spin ahead of them brought out the caution with everyone able to avoid the spinning cars. “I knew things were going to get interesting,” said Nottestad, “I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen.” Following the restart, Nottestad was able to keep his lead over Miller and Riddle and roll to victory lane. Miller, Riddle, John Beale, and Johnson would round out the top five with Kevin Knuese, Wilberg, Liddle, Goldade, and John Baumeister finishing in the top ten. “This is great…the car was great tonight,” said Nottestad from victory lane. Nottestad set fast time with a lap of 18.665 and won the First Supply Dash while heat wins went to Nottestad, Miller, Alex Papini, and Brandon Pendleton. Jason Thoma Sprints to Victory Lane Jason Thoma made the most of his first appearance at MIS this season by winning the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman. Thoma’s win was also part of the Badgerland Challenge for the Sportsman cars. Ray Hellenbrand and Mike Storkson led the field of fifteen Sportsman to the green flag. Storkson jumped out to the early lead followed by Mike Winters and Chad Smith. By lap 3 Thoma was up to fifth followed closely by four time feature winner Ryan Goldade. On lap 5 Storkson continued to pace the field followed by Smith, Thoma, Winters, and Goldade. Two laps later Smith worked his way past Storkson for the lead. Thoma continued his charge to the front and by lap 9 there was no stopping him as he powered past Smith coming down the front shoot. One lap later Goldade and Steve Anderson were up to second and third trying to close the gap on Thoma. By lap 15 it appeared that only Goldade would have a chance to catch the leader, but mechanical issues ended his night prematurely and it was smooth sailing for Thoma to victory lane. Anderson took the runner-up spot followed by Robert Hansberry, Smith, and Winters. “This car has been just great this year,” said Thoma from victory lane who indicated he would be back next week for the Great Northern Sportsman Series race. Thoma established a new track record in qualifying with a lap of 19.945 and also won the First Supply Dash. Tim Coley and Adam Bleskan won the heat races. Steve Dickson Back in Victory Lane for the Bandits It’s been awhile since Steve Dickson was in victory lane, but tonight he made a return appearance by winning the 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits. Cade Watters and McKayla Adams brought the field to the green flag, but after the two went up the track coming out of turn two, Dickson was able to make his way to the front followed by David Schmidt. Despite cautions on laps 3 and 4, Dickson was able to maintain his lead as David Schmidt and Dan Snyder battled it out behind him. Snyder was able to move his way up to second, but had some difficulty maneuvering his way through some unpredictable lapped traffic . In the end Dickson would win by .522 seconds over Snyder with David Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, and Chris Tolliver rounding out the top five. “It’s been a long time,” said a very happy Dickson from victory lane. “This feels great.” Snyder set fast time with a mark of 15.149 while Nick Schmidt won the First Supply Dash and a heat race while Dickson won the other heat race. Stevenson Wins Inaugural 6Shooter Race In the first-ever 6Shooter race it was Lucas Stevenson edging Jacob Sam in the six lap feature. The 6Shooter division is a brand new, strictly stock entry level division that MIS has created this season. Next week at Madison it’s Salute to America Night featuring the area’s biggest, brightest, and best ground and aerial fireworks display. Highlighting the racing action will be the Big 8 Late Models in a 48 lap main event plus the Great Northern Sportsman Series and Four Cylinder Dash Series. Late Models 30 Lap Feature:1. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 2. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 3. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 4. Jeremy Miller (Rockford, IL), 5. Casey Johnson (Edgerton, WI), 6. John Beale (Madison, WI), 7. Brady Liddle (Oregon, WI), 8. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 9. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), 10. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 11. John Baumeister (Beloit, WI), 12. Scott Broughton (Stoughton, WI), 13. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 14. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 15. Brandon Pendleton (Helenville, WI), 16. Kyle Smith (Lake Mills, WI), 17. Shawn Gunsolus (Stoughton, WI), 18. Pat Richgels (Lake Mills, WI), 19. Hunter Drefahl (Evansville, WI), 20. Kyle Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 21. Jacob Vanoskey (Hartford, WI), 22. Ken Jacoby (Marshall, WI), 23. Gary Krueger (Edgerton, WI), 24. Alex Papini (Rockford, IL), 25. Andy Evraets (Menomonee Falls, WI), 26. Caleb Adrian (Walcott, IA), First Supply Dash:1. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 2. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 3. Casey Johnson (Edgerton, WI), 4. John Beale (Madison, WI), 5. Jeremy Miller (Rockford, IL), 6. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), Heat 1:1. Alex Papini (Rockford, IL), 2. Kyle Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 3. Shawn Gunsolus (Stoughton, WI), 4. Jacob Vanoskey (Hartford, WI), 5. Pat Richgels (Lake Mills, WI), 6. Kyle Smith (Lake Mills, WI), Heat 2:1. Brandon Pendleton (Helenville, WI), 2. Hunter Drefahl (Evansville, WI), 3. Gary Krueger (Edgerton, WI), 4. Andy Evraets (Menomonee Falls, WI), 5. Caleb Adrian (Walcott, IA), 6. Ken Jacoby (Marshall, WI), Heat 3:1. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 2. Casey Johnson (Edgerton, WI), 3. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 4. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 5. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 6. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 7. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), Heat 4:1. Jeremy Miller (Rockford, IL), 2. Brady Liddle (Oregon, WI), 3. John Baumeister (Beloit, WI), 4. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 5. Scott Broughton (Stoughton, WI), 6. John Beale (Madison, WI), 7. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), Qualifying:1. Dale Nottestad (Cambridge, WI), 2. Jeremy Miller (Rockford, IL), 3. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 4. John Beale (Madison, WI), 5. Casey Johnson (Edgerton, WI), 6. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 7. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 8. Brady Liddle (Oregon, WI), 9. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 10. John Baumeister (Beloit, WI), 11. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), 12. Scott Broughton (Stoughton, WI), 13. Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 14. Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills, WI), 15. Alex Papini (Rockford, IL), 16. Brandon Pendleton (Helenville, WI), 17. Kyle Smith (Lake Mills, WI), 18. Andy Evraets (Menomonee Falls, WI), 19. Pat Richgels (Lake Mills, WI), 20. Gary Krueger (Edgerton, WI), 21. Shawn Gunsolus (Stoughton, WI), 22. Caleb Adrian (Walcott, IA), 23. Kyle Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 24. Hunter Drefahl (Evansville, WI), 25. Jacob Vanoskey (Hartford, WI), 26. Ken Jacoby (Marshall, WI), Sportsman 20 Lap Feature:1. Jason Thoma (Jefferson, WI), 2. Steven Anderson (Stoughton, WI), 3. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 4. Chad Smith (Rockford, IL), 5. Mike Winters (Sun Prairie, WI), 6. Terry Wangsness (Jefferson, WI), 7. Tim Coley (Madison, WI), 8. Mike Storkson (Evansville, WI), 9. Adam Bleskan (Menomonee Falls, WI), 10. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 11. Peter Gillis (Watertown, WI), 12. Darrell Garman (South Beloit, IL), 13. Bobby Gash (Tinley Park, IL), 14. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 15. Ray Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), First Supply Dash:1. Jason Thoma (Jefferson, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 3. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 4. Steven Anderson (Stoughton, WI), 5. Tim Coley (Madison, WI), 6. Darrell Garman (South Beloit, IL), Heat 1:1. Adam Bleskan (Menomonee Falls, WI), 2. Terry Wangsness (Jefferson, WI), 3. Peter Gillis (Watertown, WI), 4. Chad Smith (Rockford, IL), 5. Mike Storkson (Evansville, WI), 6. Mike Winters (Sun Prairie, WI), 7. Ray Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), 8. Bobby Gash (Tinley Park, IL), Heat 2:1. Tim Coley (Madison, WI), 2. Jason Thoma (Jefferson, WI), 3. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 4. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), 5. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 6. Steven Anderson (Stoughton, WI), 7. Darrell Garman (South Beloit, IL), Qualifying:1. Jason Thoma (Jefferson, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 3. Steven Anderson (Stoughton, WI), 4. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 5. Darrell Garman (South Beloit, IL), 6. Tim Coley (Madison, WI), 7. Mike Winters (Sun Prairie, WI), 8. Terry Wangsness (Jefferson, WI), 9. Chad Smith (Rockford, IL), 10. Peter Gillis (Watertown, WI), 11. Mike Storkson (Evansville, WI), 12. Ray Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), 13. Adam Bleskan (Menomonee Falls, WI), 14. Bobby Gash (Tinley Park, IL), 15. Ryan Goldade (Edgerton, WI), Bandits Feature: 20 Lap Feature: 1.Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 2. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 3. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 4. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 5. Chris Tolliver (Watertown, WI), 6. Brian Paulson (Edgerton, WI), 7. Travis Hunter (Madison, WI), 8. Cade Watters (Sun Prairie, WI), 9. McKayla Adams (Sun Prairie, WI), 10. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 11. Dillon Brown (Edgerton, WI), First Supply Dash:1. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 2. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 3. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 4. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 5. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 6. Chris Tolliver (Watertown, WI), Heat 1:1. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 2. Brian Paulson (Edgerton, WI), 3. Cade Watters (Sun Prairie, WI), 4. Travis Hunter (Madison, WI), 5. McKayla Adams (Sun Prairie, WI), 6. Dillon Brown (Edgerton, WI), Heat 2:1. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 2. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 3. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 4. Chris Tolliver (Watertown, WI), 5. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), Qualifying:1. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 2. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 3. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 4. Chris Tolliver (Watertown, WI), 5. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 6. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 7. Travis Hunter (Madison, WI), 8. McKayla Adams (Sun Prairie, WI), 9. Cade Watters (Sun Prairie, WI), 10. Dillon Brown (Edgerton, WI), 11. Brian Paulson (Edgerton, WI), 6Shooters 6 Lap Feature: 1. Lucas Stevenson, 2. Jacob Sam

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