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McKarns, Madison International Speedway Receive National Recognition

The fans have voted and the winners are…

This past weekend JEGS released the results of their annual short track fan favorites known as the 2015 51’s. And the results definitely have many connections to Madison International Speedway and short track racing in this part of the country as fans across the country cast their ballots over the past several weeks.

Gregg McKarns received the “Best Director Award”as he was named Short Track Promoter of the Year. Following the 2014 season, McKarns purchased the ARCA Midwest Tour and bought Madison International Speedway. Not only did McKarns garner this individual honor, but Madison was named runner-up in the Short Track of the Year competition known as “Best Set Design.” That recognition also meant that Madison was the best paved track for 2015 since the winner (Eldora Speedway) is a dirt track.

Another award winner with ties to Madison is Ty Majeski (Short Track Driver of the Year) who won two of the three Triple Crown Challenge races at Madison in 2015. The Best Track / Series / Organization Social Media award known as the “Best Film Production” went to NASCAR Home Tracks of which MIS is a proud member.

It’s a great day for short track racing in our part of the country and especially Madison. The start of the 2015 season is just around the corner when the ARCA Midwest Tour comes to MIS on Sunday, May 1st.

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