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It’s Easy to Get On Track at MIS

Have you ever had the urge to go racing but didn’t have the time or money? Have you wanted to drive and race on a legendary track but never had the opportunity? Do you find yourself saying, “What if…” or “If I only had the chance…”?

Well, your time to be a racer has come!

Now just about anyone can become a racing hero at Madison International Speedway this season with the introduction of Thursday Night Street Drags along with the second year of the 6Shooters on the Ring of Fire.

Virtually any type of street legal vehicle from cars to trucks to vans and motorcycles can take to the track and race as part of the new Thursday Night Street Drags. These one on one street drags will take place on a 300 foot drag strip located on the front stretch of the legendary half-mile oval. Bracket and challenge racing will allow cars and drivers to compete in more than one division with as many as a dozen different brackets in action at any given event.

Five nights of racing are scheduled for the Thursday Night Street Drags with the opener on May 19th followed by June 9th, July 14th, August 18th, and September 15th. Complete rules are available at the track website located at Just bring your vehicle out to the speedway and have fun since this program is not for serious, must-win racers. A “Shine and Show” contest will also take place as part of each event.

Another very affordable option for beginning racers is the 6Shooter division that competes on the quarter-mile “Ring of Fire” on Friday nights. This is a very “stock” six cylinder car that basically is modified for safety purposes and is ready to race. The 6Shooters will be part of the weekly racing program on a limited basis with the Late Models, Sportsman, and Bandits.

The goal of this division is to encourage first-time drivers to get into the sport without paying a lot of money and most importantly have fun. Drivers with previous racing experience besides 6Shooter racing are not eligible. Some drivers will use this division as a stepping stone to other divisions while others will be more than happy being a 6Shooter.

The division began in 2015 with just one car and by the end of the season included thirteen cars making it one of the fastest growing racing divisions in the Midwest. Costs to get a race-ready car are kept low with most cars costing from $400 – $800. It’s a just for fun division with clean racing the rule. The winner gets a trophy but no point standings are maintained.

The 6Shooter division runs a limited schedule and will be in action on May 27th, June 10th, July 15th, August 5th, August 19th, and September 9th. Drivers will also have the opportunity to meet and greet the fans in the pits after all racing events and get pictures taken, sign autographs, and more.

If you want to have fun and have always dreamed about being a racer then your time has come at Madison International Speedway.

For rules and more information checkout the track website at

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