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DRP Super Late Model Shootout

Skylar Holzhausen from Sparta WI took the lead from John DeAngelis Jr on lap 5 of the Assembly Products Shootout Saturday night to take home the top prize of $1000 for the 20 event. The Assembly Products Shootout gives the best of the best 20 laps to get the job done. Drivers are given the incentive of a $1,000 pay day when the checkered flag falls. "You can't wait to go, you have to go right now," Szelagowski said of his vision for the Shootout. To qualify for The Assembly Products Shootout a driver must accumulate points through weekly dashes leading up to the Shootout. The top ten drivers who accumulate the most points through the dashes automatically qualify. Two Provisionals are added to fill the field bringing each Shootout to 12 cars. Assembly Products Super Late Models - Shoot Out 0 No. Name Time 1 97 Skylar Holzhausen 20 2 44L Mike Lichtfeld 20 3 11P Alex Prunty 20 4 5 John Beale 20 5 25S Jeff Storm 20 6 21S Tim Schendel 20 7 7J John DeAngelis Jr 20 8 11K Bobby Kendall 20 9 31J Corey Jankowski 20 10 2R Ken Reiser 20 11 13B Mike Breiner 20 12 54S Rich Schumann Jr. 7

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