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Tundra Opener

Our performance at MIS in the Joe Shear Classic had given our team some ups and downs. We had our first travel race this weekend. The TUNDRA Super Late Series powered by Wisconsin Potatoes had 40 Super Late Model teams entered for it's first race. Casey Johnson is a former TUNDRA Super Late Model Series champion and John Beale is last years TUNDRA Rookie of the year. We were eager to get into Kaukauna and hit the track. Our team left Verona on Friday night and traveled to Wisconsin International Raceway to get our hauler to the front of the line for Saturday's opening.

After a relaxing stay at a Hilton hotel our team was ready. Friday's rain had long stopped and the sun came out Saturday morning. We had a long day with numerous practices through the afternoon. The crew was in good spirits and the cars were handling well. Casey set a scorcher during qualifying with a time of 19.104. John has always raced better than he qualifies. He qualified p28th out of 32.


The qualifying race had 12 cars and top four would advance to the feature. John started p8 and advanced through the field to finish p2 behind #25 Wyatt Brooks. As the qualifying race finished the skies opened up and a drivers meeting decision was made to have the Feature start at Noon on Sunday. A Facebook Live roll of the dice set on 6 so Casey would start p14 per TUNDRA rules.

The team scrambled to find hotel rooms but calling a hotel at 9PM on a Saturday night looking for numerous rooms is a challenge. We finally found a quiet place to rest next to a Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Appleton. After some team bonding at the Texas Roadhouse we rested up for the next days challenge.


Sunday morning brought beautiful warm spring weather. The gates opened at 9AM but that didn't stop Casey and his father from doing some early morning tweaks. We had a short shakedown test practice and then opening ceremonies began. Casey and John both made some nice speeches thanking the Mothers on our team.

The feature race went well for Casey as he picked off cars one by one. The large roll of the dice and strong field at the front of the race decided the finish of 4th for Casey. Dennis Prunty would win the feature followed by #51 Steve Apel and #44 Mike Lichtfeld. John started in p17 and was held back in traffic most of the race. He finished p13.

The team packed up efficiently into our toter and stacker trailer and headed home to celebrate Mother's day with their families.

Our next raceday is Saturday, May 19, 2018 at the ARCA Midwest Tour Cabin Fever 100 in Wausau, Wisconsin. We would like to thank all our families, sponsors and fans for supporting our team and short track racing. See you next week!

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