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Midwest Tour Jefferson Speedway Post Race Release

Beale Racing entered Casey Johnson's home track at Jefferson Speedway under crystal clear skies on Saturday Night. The ARCA Midwest Tour raced 100 laps at Jefferson Speedway. Casey has three track championships and countless wins there. John Beale last Super Late Model race at Jefferson was the closest he has came to a win when he finished 2nd in last seasons TUNDRA Super Late Model event.

Wild early season weather

The 2018 weather season has thrown everything at race teams. Dells Raceway Park had to clear 8 inches of snow. We had rain delays at WIR. But for every perfect day such as the Joe Shear Classic we have had another wild shift in weather the next event. This weekends race was clear of rain but it was hot with the temperature in the 90's and high humidity.

The Beale Racing team marched forward through the heat. We had packed lots of extra fluids and even had the opportunity to test our haulers air conditioning system. Our cars were setup by Casey Johnson and were quick out of the gate. That didn't stop Casey from throwing changes at his car to push it to go faster. John Beale had his best qualifying place of the year with a 10th place. Casey qualified at p4. Paul Shafer Jr. was the class of the field at 13.569. The top four cars separated by under 4 hundredth of a second.


The even qualifying race had both Beale Racing drivers. John Beale started p3 while Casey Johnson would start in the third row p6. The ten lap event was entertaining because we got to watch both our drivers battle hard. Casey ended up winning the internal battle by placing 3rd place just ahead of John in 4th position.

Jefferson Speedway's Memorial Day weekend race would be given a Veterans Day feel when the ARCA Midwest Tour asked all veterans to come out to the race track and line up down the front straightaway. The field of super late models and drivers were lined up down the track in formation. As drivers were introduced they progressed down the line thanking the former or current members of the military for their service.

100 Lap Feature Event

John Beale started the 100 lap feature in the 2nd row outside of former Winston Cup driver Rich Bickle JR. Casey started in the 5th row outside of Dalton Zehr. John would battle hard early in the race but fall back to p10 with low pressure in his right rear tire.

Casey would battle up to the lead by the 24th lap but get passed twenty laps later by Dalton Zehr. Paul Schafer Jr. would show his dominance after passing Casey for the lead. He dominated the field for the final 44 laps. Casey nursed his car back to a 2nd place finish even though his brakes were falling off.

Upcoming Events

The ARCA Midwest Tour has a couple weeks off before we start back up on Saturday, June 30th at Rockford Speedway. But more racing is coming up quickly. Casey Johnson will be racing at Wisconsin International Raceway with Chase Motorsports on Thursday night. John Beale and Casey Johnson will be racing at Madison International Speedway on Friday, June 1st for the first race of the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge. The 50 lap race is always competitive. Don't miss the show!


Get my attention with $100 and I'll make sure to get photos of your team during each race. Password will be sent out for photo gallery downloads after each event during 2018. Without the $100 incentive you will have to win the race or crash in a spectacular fashion. I will be at all events Beale Racing is attending in 2018.

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