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Beale and Thoma are Badgerland’s Best at Madison

Dickson and Worman Also Winners

Brian Beale won an exciting 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models as part of Round 3 of the Badgerland Challenge at Madison tonight. Jason Thoma took home the win in the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman/ Badgerland Challenge while Steve Dickson picked up the checkered flag in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits and Sean Worman won the main event for the Roto Rooters 6Shooters.

Beale Rules the Late Models

Brian Beale won the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models and captured the Round Three win for the Badgerland Challenge.

The twenty car field came to the green flag led by Jacob Nottestad and Brian Beale. Nottestad quickly jumped out to the lead followed by Beale while things were quickly heating up between them as a three wide battle for third nearly piled up the field. Riley Stenjem was able to break away from that pack to take third followed by Bobby Wilberg and Jeremy Miller.

Out in front of the field, Nottestad was leading Beale by three lengths after ten laps were complete with Stenjem, Wilberg, and Riddle in the top five. On lap 12 Riddle moved past Wilberg to take fourth.

Nottestad’s advantage over Beale was 0.4 seconds at the half-way mark with Stenjem a distant third. With ten laps to go the lead was less than a car length. On lap 22 Beale looked to the inside of Nottestad for the lead coming out of turn two just before the caution flag came out for the car of Jon Reynolds Jr. who made contact with the wall in turn four.

Now things were about to get real interesting as the last thing Nottestad wanted to see was a caution flag. The cone came out and Nottestad took the inside position with Stenjem moving up to the outside of row one with the second row made up of Beale on the inside and Wilberg on the outside.

When the green flag waved, Nottestad and Stenjem raced side by side with Nottestad gaining back the advantage with six laps to go before the race’s second caution flag came out when Craig Phillips and Ty James made contact on the backstretch.

This time Stenjem chose to line up behind Nottestad with Beale electing to go to the outside of the front row for the restart.

Nottestad and Beale ran side by side following the green flag with Riddle up to third. Beale was able to get the lead from the outside just before the caution flag waved when MIS and Badgerland Challenge point leader Shaun Scheel slowed coming down the front stretch with four laps to go.

With less than five laps to go, the field restarted in single file paced to the green by Beale, Nottestad, and Riddle. Beale quickly jumped out to a two car length lead as Nottestad and Riddle were fighting it out for second. Riddle would take the second spot with two laps to go, but Beale’s advantage was up to two car lengths as he picked up the checkered flag with a .393 margin over Riddle. Nottestad, Miller, and Stenjem completed the top five.

“The car was awesome tonight. I can’t believe I was able to make the pass on the outside to take the lead,” said Beale who notched his second career feature win at Madison.

Will Rece set fast time with a lap of 18.703 (96.241 mph). Shaun Scheel was the winner in the Dash. Heat winners were Pat Richgels, Zack Riddle, and Jacob Nottestad.

Thoma Takes the Sportsman Checkered Flag

Jason Thoma won the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman and the third round win in the Badgerland Challenge.

Sam Messel and Tim Coley paced the field to the green flag with Messel leading the first lap before Coley took a slight advantage on lap 2. Messel retook the lead on lap 3 with Gary Hellenbrand up to challenge Coley for second. On lap 4 Gary Hellenbrand moved past Coley for second with Terry Wangsness up to third.

On lap 5 Wangsness raced his way past Gary Hellenbrand for second and starting cutting into Messel’s lead. Joining the mix was Jason Thoma who joined the mix. Wangsness was able to find the room he needed on lap 8 to get past Messel for the lead with Thoma directly behind him. Ray Hellenbrand and Robert Hansberry Jr. moved up to third and fourth as the top four distanced themselves from the field.

On lap 12 Thoma moved to the inside of Wangsness to take the led with Ray Hellenbrand and Hansberry Jr. in the mix. On lap 15 Ray Hellenbrand moved to the inside of Wangsness to take the second spot followed by Hansberry Jr.

The close racing for second allowed Thoma to open up a six car length advantage. Hansberry Jr. was able to get the second spot with three laps to go, but he wouldn’t have enough time to catch Thoma who picked up the win. Ray Hellenbrand, Terry Wangsness, and Mike Taylor rounded out the top five.

“Last week helped a lot. The car was really hooked up today, we had a blast out there,” said Thoma.

Fast qualifier was Robert Hansberry Jr. with a lap of 19.941 (90.266 mph). Jason Thoma won the Dash. Heat races were won by Trevor “Magic Shoes” Robinson and Hansberry Jr.

Dickson Wins Bandit Feature

There was no stopping Steve Dickson who took the lead on the second lap and never looked back in winning the 25 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Ronnie Osborne took the early lead, but it would only last one lap as Steve Dickson sprinted by for the top spot. McKayla Adams took the third spot as Nick Schmidt and Lyle Phillips fought it out for fourth. On lap 9 Adams took second when she passed Osborne with Schmidt doing the same. Schmidt took second at the half-way mark but still had a lot of room to close on the leader.

With seven laps to go, Schmidt was doing everything he could to dial in Dickson hoping that a caution could negate the lead. Schmidt was closing quickly, but time was running out as Dickson was not to be denied tonight. Adams, Jeremey Bredeson, and Bill Kohn rounded out the top five.

“I knew he was coming. This is great to be in victory lane,” said Dickson.

Nick Schmidt set fast time with a mark of 14.827 (60.700 mph). McKayla Adams was victorious in the Dash.

Worman Tops the 6Shooters

Sean Worman won the 15 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters. It was his first feature win at Madison.

Kevin Zemp and Ashley Seitz brought the 6Shooter field to the green flag. Zemp led the first lap before yielding the lead to Randy Grancorvitz on lap 2 right before the caution flag waved when a bumper was deposited on the track.

Grancorvitz continued to lead following the restart, but Sean Worman was applying heavy pressure and on lap 8 pulled alongside him for the lead. On lap 9 Worman took the lead coming out of turn four and opened up a three car length lead that he maintained all the way to the checkered flag. Grancorvitz would finish second followed by Kenny Morris, Dan Bishop, and Trevor Chilson.

“These things are a blast to drive,” said Worman who said he had a total of $800 invested in his car.

Josh Morris and Ronald Osborne won the heat races.

Racing continues on Friday, August 10thfor Union 464 Kids’ Night featuring 5 divisions (NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, Peillitteri Waste Systems Bandits, Bandoleros, and Legends) all competing in double features. Plus, there’s kids’ bicycle, big wheel, and power wheel racing at intermission and free admission for all kids eleven and under. Grandstands open at 6:00 with qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30.

Madison will also host One on One Street Drags on Thursday, August 9thwith pit gates open at 6:00 followed by Practice / Grudge racing at 6:30 and Bracket racing beginning at 7:30.


NASCAR Late Models A Feature 1 30 laps | 1. 18B-Brian Beale, [3]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [8]; 3. 97N-Jacob Nottestad, [2]; 4. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [10]; 5. 77RS-Riley Stenjem, [5]; 6. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [6]; 7. 19B-John Baumeister, [11]; 8. 15WR-Will Rece, [9]; 9. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [12]; 10. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [1]; 11. 15R-Pat Richgels, [14]; 12. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [16]; 13. 79P-Craig Phillips, [13]; 14. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [18]; 15. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [7]; 16. 27J-Tyler James, [15]; 17. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [4]; 18. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [17]; 19. 32D-Paul Dygon, [20]; 20. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [19]

Dash 1 6 laps | 1. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [1]; 2. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [4]; 3. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [3]; 4. 14R-Zack Riddle, [2]; 5. 77RS-Riley Stenjem, [5]

Heat 1 8 laps 1.15R-Pat Richgels, [4]; 2. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [1]; 3. 79P-Craig Phillips, [5]; 4. 27J-Tyler James, [3]; 5. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [2]; 6. 32D-Paul Dygon, [8]; 7. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [7]; 8. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [6]

Heat 2 1.14R-Zack Riddle, [5]; 2. 77RS-Riley Stenjem, [3]; 3. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [4]; 4. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [6]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [1]; 6. 18B-Brian Beale, [2]

Heat 3 8 laps 1. 97N-Jacob Nottestad, [1]; 2. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [3]; 3. 15WR-Will Rece, [5]; 4. 19B-John Baumeister, [6]; 5. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [4]; 6. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [2]

Qualifying 1 1. 15WR-Will Rece, [15]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [13]; 3. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [11]; 4. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [3]; 5. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [20]; 6. 77RS-Riley Stenjem, [5]; 7. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [12]; 8. 18B-Brian Beale, [17]; 9. 97N-Jacob Nottestad, [7]; 10. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [6]; 11. 19B-John Baumeister, [18]; 12. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [10]; 13. 79P-Craig Phillips, [4]; 14. 15R-Pat Richgels, [16]; 15. 27J-Tyler James, [19]; 16. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [14]; 17. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [2]; 18. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [8]; 19. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [9]; 20. 32D-Paul Dygon, [1]

Dave’s White Rock Sportsman A Feature 1 20 laps 1.6T-Jason Thoma, [7]; 2. 7H-Robert Hansberry, [8]; 3. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [9]; 4. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [5]; 5. 4T-Mike Taylor, [6]; 6. 45H-Gary Hellenbrand, [3]; 7. 7M-Sam Messel, [1]; 8. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [4]; 9. 91C-Tim Coley, [2]; 10. 57S-Kenny Storkson, [10]; 11. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [11]

Dash 1 6 laps | 1. 6T-Jason Thoma, [3]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [1]; 3. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [2]; 4. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [5]; 5. 7H-Robert Hansberry, [4]; 6. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [6]

Heat 1 8 laps 1. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [1]; 2. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [6]; 3. 91C-Tim Coley, [4]; 4. 7M-Sam Messel, [3]; 5. 45H-Gary Hellenbrand, [5]; 6. 57S-Kenny Storkson, [2]

Heat 2 8 laps | 1. 7H-Robert Hansberry, [5]; 2. 6T-Jason Thoma, [4]; 3. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [1]; 4. 4T-Mike Taylor, [2]; 5. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [3]

Qualifying 1 2 laps | 1. 7H-Robert Hansberry, [10]; 2. 6T-Jason Thoma, [9]; 3. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [5]; 4. 4T-Mike Taylor, [8]; 5. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [3]; 6. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [1]; 7. 45H-Gary Hellenbrand, [2]; 8. 91C-Tim Coley, [6]; 9. 7M-Sam Messel, [11]; 10. 57S-Kenny Storkson, [4]; 11. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [7]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits A Feature 1 20 laps | 1. 10D-Steve Dickson, [3]; 2. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [8]; 3. 49A-McKayla Adams, [5]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [7]; 5. 83K-Bill Kohn, [6]; 6. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [1]; 7. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [4]; 8. 21E-Tyler Edmundson, [2]

Dash 1 6 laps 1. 49A-McKayla Adams, [1]; 2. 83K-Bill Kohn, [2]; 3. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [3]; 4. 10D-Steve Dickson, [6]; 5. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [4]; 6. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [5]

Heat 1 8 laps | 1. 10D-Steve Dickson, [1]; 2. 49A-McKayla Adams, [3]; 3. 83K-Bill Kohn, [4]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [5]; 5. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [2]; 6. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [8]; 7. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [6]; 8. 21E-Tyler Edmundson, [7]

Qualifying 1 1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [4]; 2. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [5]; 3. 83K-Bill Kohn, [3]; 4. 49A-McKayla Adams, [2]; 5. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [1]; 6. 10D-Steve Dickson, [6]; 7. 21E-Tyler Edmundson, [8]; 8. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [7]

Roto Rooter 6Shooters A Feature 1 12 laps | 1. 51W-Sean Worman, [8]; 2. 7G-Randy Grancorvitz, [3]; 3. 78M-Ken Morris, [5]; 4. 8B-Dan Bishop, [7]; 5. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [11]; 6. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [10]; 7. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [13]; 8. 5JM-Josh Morris, [12]; 9. 151C-Todd Carteron, [9]; 10. 55W-Tony Wantoch, [4]; 11. 11CS-Cory Skolaski, [14]; 12. 78Z-Kevin Zemp, [1]; 13. 57S-Ashley Seitz, [2]; 14. 4D-Brandon Riedner, [6]

Heat 1 6 laps | 1. 5JM-Josh Morris, [3]; 2. 51W-Sean Worman, [5]; 3. 151C-Todd Carteron, [2]; 4. 4D-Brandon Riedner, [7]; 5. 7G-Randy Grancorvitz, [4]; 6. 78Z-Kevin Zemp, [6]; 7. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [1]

Heat 2 6 laps | 1. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [1]; 2. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [3]; 3. 8B-Dan Bishop, [2]; 4. 78M-Ken Morris, [4]; 5. 55W-Tony Wantoch, [5]; 6. 57S-Ashley Seitz, [6]; 7. 11CS-Cory Skolaski, [7]

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