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Madison International Speedway hosted annual Joe Shear Classic

The Madison International Speedway opened their summer race season with a bang hosting the 11th annual Joe Shear Classic, part of the ARCA Midwest Tour Sunday afternoon in Oregon.

The 200 lap event honors the memory of Joe Shear, one of the greatest short track racers in the country who won four track championships (1973, 1974, 1980, 1982) and 66 features at Madison.

The payout prize at the Classic is $10,000. 27 drivers competed in this years event, in the mix was John Beale from Verona with Beale Racing.

“This is as big as it gets around the Madison area. A 200 lapper, there is people that come from all around the country,” said Beale. “You don’t want to run the weekly short tracks. You want to grow, you want to tour and this is as big as it gets, 10,000 dollars to win.”

Bubba Pollard in the No. 26 car won the 2019 John Shear Classic.

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