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One first time winner, and a veteran of the short track racing wars, were the victors here Thursday night in CWRA, Cedar Creek Rustic Village, as presented by Bentley Trucking, Stars to Legends Tour action, with Paul Paine, Mound, MN., and Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI., capturing 35 lap Feature wins.

For Paine, it was his first ever main event win in CWRA competition and it came after two years of trying. "I've been trying to get one of these big trophies for over 20 races now, I finally got one!" For Mackesy it was another win at his home track, which vaulted him past Legend, Tom Reffner for 2nd on the all time win list. "I thought the car would get tight as we got going there, but it really took off and was fast the whole race!" It's really cool to pass Tom Reffner in all time wins here. He was my idol growing up in racing."

The first 35 lap Feature found Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., and Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI., on the front row. It was Bentley, immediately grabbing the top spot, but John Beale, Verona, WI., the current Tour point leader quickly moved into 2nd spot. It didn't take long for drivers to get a bit antsy, as top Rookie contender, Dave Satorius, Appleton, WI., got into the back of Jackson, sending both spinning, and causing the caution to wave. A double file restart found Bentley and Beale ready from the front to do battle, and Beale shot into the top spot passing Bentley with an outside move. Beale began to stretch his lead while the field sorted itself out. Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., from his 7th starting position, moved into 2nd by the 5th lap. He had all he could handle to maintain that spot, as Paine, Bentley Trucking, $100 fast qualifier, Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI., and Mackesy were right on his tail. Paine and Weinfurter made contact, which vaulted the Minnesota traveler securely into 2nd with Weinfurter losing several spots getting his car back up to speed. Paine drew to Beale's rear bumper and in a blink of an eye was past the Tour points leader. With 10 laps left in the race, Paine did his version of social distancing, stretching his lead to 10 car lengths at the checkered flag. Following Paine across the stripe was Beale, Weinfurter, Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., Bentley, and Tyler Wusterbarth, Oconto, WI., the top 6.

The second 35 lap Main found Adam Oxborough, Montgomery, MN., and Dakota Blakeslee, Rudolph, WI., in their Tour debuts on the front row. With the green flag waving, the engine in Blakeslee's car suddenly expired, coating the front stretch with oil and sending half the starting field sliding into the turn one wall. With the crash, only 10 of the 16 car starting field were able to answer the bell for the re-start. That put Oxborough and Volm on the front row with Volm grabbing the 1st position. Mark Mackesy didn't waste time getting to the front as he was already in 3rd by the 4th go-around. With his car appearing to be running on rails, Mackesy moved by Volm for the lead by lap 8. Oxborough maintained the 3rd position, but Paine, who suffered severe damage in the early race wreck, remained competitive racing into 3rd position by lap 15. With green flag racing continuing, Mackesy stretched his lead to a dozen car lengths before the checkered flag waved. Paine motored into 2nd where he remained to the finish with Volm, Oxborough, Beale and Dave Satorius rounding out the top 6 finishers.

An enthusiastic throng of fans was on hand for the nights racing, and they will all be looking forward to the next CWRA action at the Marshfield Motor Speedway, Marshfield, WI., Saturday night July 11th, where the John Brevik Memorial race will take place. Following that event, will be the race, honoring Larry Wehrs, at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway, West Salem, WI., July 15th. That event will be CWRA retro-Wednesday racing, as the group returns to the Speedway after a lengthy hiatus.


35 Lap Feature one 1. Paul Paine, Mound, MN., 2. John Beale, Verona, WI., 3. Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., 4. Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., 5. Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 6. Tyler Wusterbarth, Oconto, WI., 7. Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI., 8. Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI., 9. Dillon Mackesy, Athens, WI., 10. Dakota Blakesslee, Rudolph, WI., 11. Adam Oxborough, Montgomery, MN., 12. Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI., 13. Glen Bush, Necedah, WI., 14. Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI., 15. Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI., 16. Dave Satorius, Appleton, WI.

35 Lap Feature two 1. M. Mackesy, 2. Paine, 3. Volm, 4. Oxborough, 5. Beale, 6. Satorius, 7. Weinfurter, 8. Bentley, 9. Gress, 10. Jackson, 11. Blakesslee, 12. D. Mackesy, 13. Wusterbarth, 14. Sievers, 15. Bush, 16. Breitenfeldt.

Group Qualifying 1. Volm

AR Bodies

10% off Product certificate 5th place Feature one Putch Bentley

5th place Feature two John Beale

Bentley Trucking $100 cash Fast Qualifier Travis Volm

Coleman Racing Products

$50 Product certificate "Brake of the Race" Feature one Paul Paine

$50 Product certificate "Brake of the Race" Feature two Brett Breitenfeldt bad break

Diamond Racing Wheels $50 certificate 1st Feature Paul Paine

$50 certificate 2nd Feature Mark Mackesy

Don's Auto and Truck Checkers $25 cash Paul Paine

or $25 cash Mark Mackesy

Wreckers $50 cash Glen Bush, Jr.

Howe Racing Ent.

$50 Product certificate Hard Charger Feature one Paul Paine, 8th-1st.

$50 Product certificate Hard Charger Feature two Paul Paine,11th-2nd.

Tiry's Race Engines

$100 off certificate Feature one Dillon Mackesy, 9th

$100 off certificate Feature two Travis Volm, 3rd

Wehrs Racing & Machine Feature one Dakota Blakeslee, 10th

Feature two Adam Oxborough, 4th

CWRA Stars to Legends Tour point standings as of 6/25/20

1. #5B John Beale, Verona, WI. 354

2. #12 Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI. 342

3. #3 Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI. 336

4. #27 Paul Paine, Mound, MN. . 312

5. #12 Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 274

6. #107.5M Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI., 239

7. #83 Dillon Mackesy, Athens, WI., 232

8. #14 Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI., 223

9. # Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI., 218

10. #Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., 184

11. #76 Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI., 174

12. #93 Dave Satorius,(R) Appleton, WI., 160

13. #50 Hunter Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI. 138

14. #2 Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI., 137

15. #107.5D Darek Gress, Neillsville, WI. 136

16. #Tyler Wusterbarth, Oconto, WI., 122

17 . #28 Jesse Bernhagen, Markesan, WI.,, 92

18 . #71 Mark Eswein, Wis. Rapids, WI. WI., 82

19. #25 Adam Oxborough, Montgomery, MN., 71

20. #25 Allen Bontreger, Hillsboro, WI., 62

21. #41 Scott Stanchina, Kingsford, MI. 61

22. #55 Dakota Blakeslee, Rudolph, WI., 59

23. #31 Corey Jankowski, Tomah,WI., 57

24. #40 Curt Tillman, Rockton, IL., 56

25. #31 Jason Wells, Kimberly, WI. 52

26. #7T Glenn Bush, Necedah, WI., 52

27. #28 Tim Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI. 51

28. #2 Greg Borchardt, Prior Lake, MN. 50

29. #32 Steve Lichtfeld, Portage, WI., 42

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