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Marshfield, WI, September 18, 2021 – Fans & race teams could not of asked for a better day for the 2021 Annual Fall Shootout at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Fans, campers, and race teams filled the 39 acre facility of Marshfield Motor Speedway, with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-70’s.

Twenty seven cars qualified their super late models today for the Dream 150, and it was Merrill, WI youngster Levon Van Der Geest taking home the Norlen, Inc. Pole Award. Top 10 qualifiers for today’s Dream 150:

1. Levon Van Der Geest

2. John Beale

3. Mark Eswein

4. Justin Mondeik

5. Dillon Mackesy

6. Jonathan Knee

7. Darren Jackson

8. Wyatt Brooks

9. Parker Retzlaff

10. AJ Kreager

With the driver accumulating the fewest points in the three 50-lap features, that driver would be crowned the 2021 Dream 150 Fall Shootout Champion!

In the first 50-lap feature event, it was the 2021 SLM track champion, Darren Jackson jumping out to the early lead. Jackson would lead the first 10 laps, but a very fast John Beale would take over on lap 11. By lap 20, the top three were Beale, Mark Eswein, and Dillon Mackesy. It was status quo for the top three at the 30 lap mark of the race. With Beale and Eswein running first and second, Levon Van Der Geest moved his #23 machine to the third position. Justin Mondeik started to put heavy pressure on the Van Der Geest car with 6 laps remaining. Once the drivers took the checkered flag, it was Verona, WI hot shoe John Beale claiming tonight’s first feature for the super late models. With Mark Eswein grabbing the runner up position, it was Gleason, WI driver Justin Mondeik grabbing the final podium spot. Levon Van Der Geest & Darren Jackson rounded out the top five.

Top 10-First 50-Lap Feature:

1. John Beale

2. Mark Eswein

3. Justin Mondeik

4. Levon Van Der Geest

5. Darren Jackson

6. Dillon Mackesy

7. Wyatt Brooks

8. Travis Volm

9. Mark Mackesy

10. Darek Gress

Colorado’s Jonathan Knee would grab the early lead in today’s 2nd super late model feature. By lap 10, in was Jay Van Der Geest taking over the top spot. Once the drivers got to the half-way point of the race, it was once again John Beale finding himself at the point of the field. Justin Mondeik quickly moved his familiar #44 machine to the runner up spot, with Mark Eswein holding down the third position. As the race progressed, it stayed status quo, and Team Beale once again put his #5 super late model in the McDonald’s Drive Thru Victory Lane. With Mondeik and Eswein holding down the second and third positions respectively, Mark Mackesy and Darren Jackson rounded out the top five.

Top 10:

1. John Beale

2. Justin Mondeik

3. Mark Eswein

4. Mark Mackesy

5. Darren Jackson

6. Monte Gress

7. Dillon Mackesy

8. Jerad deBoer

9. Levon Van Der Geest

10. Wyatt Brooks

With the evening hours setting in, the drivers of the Dream 150 would now compete in their third 50-lap feature, under the lights. Neillsville’s Darek Gress jumped out to the early lead. Gress would build up a 7-car length lead by lap 15. With the #107.5 car of Darek Gress starting to develop a push, Justin Mondeik closed rapidly. By lap 20, it was Mondeik grabbing the top spot. Having a sensational year of his own, Mondeik was looking to add another feature win to his already, impressive list of wins during the 2021 race season. Don’t look now, but here comes the #5 of John Beale. Under the tutelage of crew chief Dalton Zehr, the Beale race team hit on their set up for all three features. On lap 38, John Beale worked his way pass a very fast Justin Mondeik, with Mark Eswein a close third. Once the drivers took the checkered flag from starter Geno Eckes, it was Beale once again crossing the line first. Justin Mondeik would finish second, followed by Mark Eswein. It was Dillon Mackesy finishing fourth, and fast timer Levon Van Der Geest racing his way to a top five finish.

Top 10:

1. John Beale

2. Justin Mondeik

3. Mark Eswein

4. Dillon Mackesy

5. Levon Van Der Geest

6. Darren Jackson

7. Mark Mackesy

8. Darek Gress

9. Jerad deBoer

10. Parker Retzlaff

Finishing order of the 2021 Dream 150 Fall Shootout:

1. John Beale – 604 Crate

2. Justin Mondeik -604 Crate

3. Mark Eswein- Wegner 6.0

4. Darren Jackson – Miller 5.3 Iron

5. Dillon Mackesy – Crate

6. Levon Van Der Geest – 6.2 LST

7. Mark Mackesy – 604 Crate

8. Monte Gress – 604 Crate

9. Darek Gress – 604 Crate

10. Jerad deBoer – deBoer 9-1

11. AJ Kreager – Miller 5.3 Iron

12. Jay Van Der Geest – 6.2 LST

13. Wyatt Brooks – Wegner 5.3

14. Travis Volm- BCR Chevy Ace

15. Parker Retzlaff – Wegner 5.3

16. MG Gajewski

17. Jeff Weinfurter

18. Frank Nitzke

19. Jonathan Knee

20. Branden Reichenberger

21. Harley Jankowski

22. Tim Jackson

23. Greg Matthews

24. Todd Rueden

25. Jason Wells

26. Joe Scholze

27. Curt Tillman, DNS

28. Wayne Mackesy, DNS

Best Appearing Car & Team Award went to John Beale & his team!

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