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Looking Good

Gildan Racing will be looking good in 2023. A truckload of vinyl decals showed up to the race shop and we have been busy ever since. New decals have been put on the drivers’ helmets, pit boxes & race cars. The race cars have decals on the outside and inside for sponsors to be displayed during footage from the in-car cameras. The team and fans will be wearing Styles 42000, 42400 & 12500 from Gildan. New fire suits showed up due to the addition of Forward Development Group. After all the work was done to make us look shiny our pre-season photo shoot took place for our autograph cards.

John Beale & Dalton Zehr are sponsored by Gildan, First Business Bank, Forward Development Group, American Apparel Wholesale, Comfort Colors & TJ Harron Photography. For more information visit


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